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September 29, 2010 / Alistair

Nintendo delays 3DS until next year

Misses out on crucial Christmas market

3DS brings 3D gaming. Minus the daft glasses

Gaming giant Nintendo announced today that their 3DS – which will allow gamers to play in 3D without the need for groovy glasses – has been delayed until March 2011 in Europe and the US.

Nintendo have set a release date in Japan for February 26, and the 3DS will be priced there at $300 (£189) so expect a UK price of around the £200 mark when it finally reaches our shores in March.

The DS, which is the spiritual predecessor of the GameBoy, has been hugely popular for Nintendo since it’s launch in 2004 and more than 125 million units have been sold worldwide.

Missing Christmas will be a huge blow for Nintendo, who announced the 3DS way back in March and first showed the public at the E3 show in June.

Along with currency changes, the 3DS setback has forced Nintendo to lower their expected annual profit from $2.4 billion to just $1 billion.

Here at the Geek and Gadget we can’t wait to see 3D without the glasses, and hope the delay will make the 3DS an even better gaming experience.


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