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August 25, 2010 / Alistair

Apple’s September 1st event; what to expect

Update: Apple has now sent invitations out to the usual media for an event to be held on September 1st.

As you may have heard, Apple is rumoured to be hosting a media event on September 7th. This event is tipped to showcase the new iPod touch 4th gen and a re-vamp of the Apple TV.

So, let’s start with the iPod touch. This week we’ve seen images of what is tipped to be the front case of the new iPod and, low-and-behold, it’s got a little hole for a camera.

This means Facetime.

The Internet got all excited about a few guesses made by UK retailer John Lewis back in July where they suggested that the new iPod touch would include the camera, Facetime and calls would be made over Wi-Fi. This all adds up nearly and we’d expect this to happen.

John Lewis' thoughts; truth or guesswork?

The iPod touch will not have a Retina display. We’re going out on a limb here, but we think the new touch won’t have the iPhone’s fancy new display. There needs to be a difference between the two devices. Sure, one is a phone and one isn’t, but adding Facetime to both takes the edge away.

But hang on there, look at the current iPod touch range. Apart from the memory size, they aren’t all the same. The cheap 8GB doesn’t have the same processor – and thus can’t do much with iOS4 – whereas the 16GB and 32GB have more power.

So maybe this trend will continue. The bottom-of-the-range touch doesn’t have Retina, the more pricey ones do. Maybe.

Let’s move on to the Apple TV.

It won’t be called iTV. And we have no idea why this name – which was used by Apple as a prototype name before the Apple TV was launched – has come back.

Here in the UK we have a TV station called ITV. This would be impossibly confusing and it won’t happen.

Anyway, to the juicy stuff. Apple TV will have a very small hard drive and will instead reply on streaming all of its content. Who buys TV shows and watches them over and over again like films? Renting them for 24 hours makes much more sense.

But only if they’re cheap enough. 99 cents seems about right and in an ideal would that would be 69p in the UK, but after Apple Tax is could well be 99p.

Apple are going to work with Fox. That gives them plenty of content right off the bat, expect more deals to be made very soon.

The Apple TV will stream all of your iTunes content, as it does now, but it’ll look very different. It’ll use iOS4, and you’ll be able to control it with your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Magic Trackpad. As the iPad showed, everyone already knows how to use iOS, so it makes sense to implement it into more devices.

Mac Mini vs Apple TV; too similar?

But what about the Mac Mini? This one is confusing. The Mini recently got an update – a huge price increase – and a change in marketing. It’s being aimed at home cinema and Apple openly show hoe great it looks in your front room hooked up to your massive HDTV.

So why would Apple sell two products aimed at the same market? We can’t answer this, but please leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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