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August 23, 2010 / Alistair

Android 2.2 finally comes to HTC Desire

Vodafone rolls out FroYo to its Desire customers

HTC Desire: now with FroYo

This morning Vodafone began to push out the 2.2 update to the Android operating system of the HTC Desire. While 2.2 – or FroYo as it’s affectionately named – has been available to Nexus One owners for some time, it has only just appeared on the radar for Desire users.

You can get the update now by navigating to Settings, About, then System Software Updates. Hit check now and you’re on your way to 2.2 goodness. You’ll need about 90mb free to install the update.

The feature we’ve most been looking forward to is the ability to use the Desire as a wireless hotspot. So our Wi-Fi iPad can connect to the Desire and use its Internet connection. Brilliant! This is very simple and can be protected with a WPA key, but expect it to muller your battery life.

Also included in the 2.2 update is a flashlight app that makes use of the camera flash and the video recording is upped to 720p, but we’ve found it’s still poor unless you pan around very slowly.

FroYo also promises to improve battery life and make your Desire more powerful, and being free it’s well worth upgrading to.

WARNING; if you have rooted your phone and forgotten about it, don’t upgrade using the above method before unrooting your Desire. One regular at the Geek and Gadget did just that and spent most of the day restoring his phone to factory settings.


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