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August 13, 2010 / Alistair

Amazon announces slimmer, cheaper Kindle

Ebook readers sees lower price and a month of battery

Amazon Kindle: better to read than iPad

This week Amazon announced that a new Kindle ebook reader will begin shipping next month. The Kindle 3 will be slimmer than the outgoing model, offer 50% better contrast and pack a one month battery life.

The new Kindle will also be available in black instead of white and be priced very competitively; just £109 for a Wi-Fi version and £149 for Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, which allows you to download books on the move and with no data costs.

Amazon’s new Kindle is just 8.5mm thick and weighing in at 241grams this really is a device you can carry around all day with ease. Despite the reduced form factor, the screen has remained the same 6 inches.

Despite criticism in the wake of the iPad, Amazon has stuck to its guns and ensured that the Kindle is a very good eBook reader and nothing else. Sure, this new one has a basic web browser, but it’ll do eBooks better than just about any other device on the market.

Here at the Geek and Gadget we’ve tried reading on an iPad but find it too heavy and its LCD screen uncomfortable after reading for any length of time. We love our Kindle 2 and hope that at the much-reduced price point the Kindle 3 will spread the ereader word even further.

We think the Kindle 3 will perform very well and continue to be bought by bookworms who don’t want a fancy iPad to read from, but we’re less than confident about the larger Kindle DX. There’s no mention of the DX on Amazon’s site and we had feared for some time that it’s larger size was unnecessary.

We predict the DX to reappear with an iPad-rivaling touchscreen capable of displaying full-colour magazines in time for Christmas.


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