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July 18, 2010 / Alistair

Welcome to The Geek and Gadget!


This place is a bit like a pub, but with more tech goodness, and less old creepy men. I’m looking at you, Wetherspoons.

I’m treating this site as a summer project while I’ve got some time on my hands and hopefully it’ll have plenty of content by the time I’m back at uni in September.

A little about myself….

My name is Alistair and I’m a Journalism and English Language student and freelance technology journalist. I’m in the 3rd year of my degree at Kingston University London. I love tech (well, duh) and also run a blog about all things iPad at

I hope to cover as much tech as possibly here at the Geek and Gadget. Be it gaming, audio/video stuff, computers, cameras, phones or anything in between. If you want to get in touch, please email me at or find me on Twitter @geekandgadget

So come on in, get yourself a drink and a comfy seat, and let’s talk tech.



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